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Pirates of Baltimore                    This book tells the fascinating story of piratical activities in the coastal region of West Cork in Ireland. It is a tale of local rivalry, enforced imposition of taxes, the unlawful acquisition of cargoes of wine and luxury goods and the capturing and trading to the African continent of white Christian slaves in the raid known as "The Sack of Baltimore" . 

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 Built in 1215, not long after the coming of the Normans to Ireland, Baltimore castle has in the course of 800 years reflected in its changing ownership the shifting fortunes of Irish history. The castle, known in Irish as Dun a Sead (the Fort of the Jewls), has now been lovingly restored by the author and her husband, and in this book she reveals the story not only of a building, but also of it's owners, its inhabitants, its demise and its rebirth.

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